The theme of the 4th Symposium was the Geotechnical Aspects of Tailings Disposal and Acid Mine Drainage.

4th Vancouver Geotechnical Society Symposium Program

"Deposition Methods for Construction of Hydraulic Fill Tailings Dams"; P.C. Lighthall, B.D. Watts, and S. Rice

"A Case History of On-Going Changes in Tailings Dam Design After Initial Construction"; M.M. Eivermark & K.E. Robinson

"Use of Recent Cone Penetration Test Technology in Evaluating Geotechnical Properties of Mine Waste"; D.J. Woeller, M.P. Davies, and P.K. Robertson

"Overview of Hydraulic Construction Utilized at Syncrude Canada Ltd. Tailings Pond"; D. Ferguson, G. Handford, and J. Sobkowicz

"Geotechnical Aspects of Waste Disposal at Suncor Oil Sands Mine"; W.K. Chan & E.C. McRoberts

"Geotechnical Considerations in the Control of Acid Mine Drainage"; J.P. Barton-Bridges & A.M. Robertson

"A Case History of an Acid Generation Abatement Program for an Abandoned Copper Mine"; P.M. Healey & A.M. Robertson

"Tailings Beach Slopes"; B.H. Colnlin

"Design and Operation of the Myra Falls Tailings Disposal Facility"; J.P. Haile & T.F. Kerr