The theme of the 5th Symposium was the Geotechnical Aspects of Contaminated Sites.

5th Symposium Geotechnical Society Symposium Program

Keynote: "The Impact of U.S. EPA Hazardous Waste Regulations: Past, Present, and Future"; Robert J. Knox

"Practical Aspects of Hydrogeology Studies for Hydrocarbon Migration in British Columbia"; R.A. Dakin, A.T. Holmes, and D.J. Tiplady

"Investigations of Contaminated Sites"; Robert E. McLenehan

"Investigation and Remediation Techniques for Contaminated Waste Sites in British Columbia"; Owen P. Quick

"Recent Advances in CPT Technology for Environmental Investigations"; I. Weemees, G. Jolly, D. Woeller, and M. Kokan

"Contaminated Sites - Procedures and Management Issues in British Columbia"; John H. Wiens

"Geosynthetics for Containment of Special Waste"; R.J. Fannin

"A Leachate Recovery System at the Premier Street Landfill, North Vancouver, British Columbia"; Suzanne Szojka & Richard Guiton

"Characterization of Former Railway Lands at the Pacific Place Site"; B.H. Conlin, I. Hers, and D.E. Robertson

"Site Characterization and Evaluation of Remedial Action Alternatives at the Former Expo 86 Site"; R.S. Reis, K.S. King, and B.H. Conlin

"Remote Sensing of Contamination Using Geophysical Electromagnetic Methods"; Joe O. Davis

"The 'Robertson Barrier Liner' A Testable Double Liner System"; A.M. Robertson, W. van Woundenberg, and R.G. Rohrs

"Development and use of an Electrical Resistivity Cone for Groundwater Contamination Studies"; R.G. Campanella & I. Weemees