The theme of the 9th Symposium was Construction on Peat and Soft Soils.

9th Vancouver Geotechnical Society Symposium Program

Keynote Lecture: "Stability Evaluation During Staged Construction"; Charles C. Ladd

Keynote Lecture: "Foundation Considerations at Tar Island Dyke"; Ed Mc Roberts, Angela Kupper, and Andy Small

"Investigation and Design of Small Embankments on Soft Clay in Northern Ontario"; Todd Martin & Howard Plewes

"Peat - The Vancouver Experience"; Sheri Plewes, Phil Karlsson, and Brian Willock

"Twitchell Island Levee Improvements, Northern California Delta Area"; Richard C. Sisson and Fred N. Brovold

"Predictions of Seismic Displacement by Finite Element Analysis of a Sensitive Clay Site Near Vancouver, British Columbia"; M. Zergoun & J. A. O'Brien

"Wick Drain Performance at a Site in East Richmond, B.C."; D. J. Tara & B. E. Hall

"Stability of Unpaved Roads on Soft Ground"; O. Sigurdsson & R. J. Fannin

"Design Implications of Soft Soils for Highway Improvements Near Victoria"; Ian Pilkington, Stephen Alexander, and Don Lister

"Bridge Embankment Design and Construction - An Observational Approach"; D. Broomhead & A. Wightman

"Vibro Concrete Column Construction in Peat / Soft Soil"; Mark Koelling