The theme of the 13th Symposium was Slope Stability and Landslides.

13th Vancouver Geotechnical Society Symposium Program

"Rock slopes and reservoirs - lessons learned"; Dennis Moore

"Analysis of two landslide case studies using numerical modeling"; Boris Benko & Douglas Stead

"Site specific slope stability issues related to road deactivation: a selection of case studies from Queen Charlotte Islands, B.C."; Craig Mount

"Runout analysis of debris flow and avalanches in Hong Kong"; Dana Ayotte, Nigel Evans, and Oldrich Hungr

"Stability of flood protection dikes with potentially liquefiable foundations: analysis and screening criterion"; L. Finn, Y. Sasaki, G. Wu, and T. Thavaraj

"Failure mechanism and behavior or a large landslide in glacio-lacustrine silt and clay, Chilliwack River Valley, B.C."; L. Fletcher, O. Hungr, A. Watson, and B. Thomson

"A simulation of the Upper San Fernando dam using a synthesized approach"; Michael Beaty & Peter Byrne

"Landslides in cemented and normally consolidated soils: a review of failure mechanisms using the stress-path approach"; Sithant Pillai & Balasingham Muhunthan

"The influence of unstable submerged riverbank slopes on large caisson foundations in the Jamuna River"; Victor A. Sowa

"Investigation of 22 landslides in Upper Chase Creek, B.C."; Bill Grainger

"Analysis of forest hillslope piezometric records: implications for terrain stability"; Jussi Jaakkola, Jonathan Fannin, and Scott Jackson

"Rock avalanches on glaciers in the Coast and St. Elias Mountains, British Columbia"; Stephen Evans & John Clague

"What you didn't learn in school about stabilising slopes"; John Sobkowicz & Simon Cullum-Kenyon"