The theme of the 18th Symposium was Risk and Liability in Geotechnical Engineering.  The attendance was about 160 people, with 16 exhibitors and 14 sponsors.  The Symposium program, keynote presentation and submitted papers are below.

18th Vancouver Geotechnical Symposium Program

Keynote Presentation: "Risk Assessment and Public Policy: The Other Side of the Wall"; Steven G. Vick

"Geotechnical Risk from a Public Utility Perspective"; Frank Huber

"Geotechnical Risks, Liabilities and Mitigative Measures, An Engineer's Perspective"; Richard C. Butler & Norm K. Williams

"Geotechnical Risks in the Still Creek Area, Burnaby, British Columbia"; Mustapha Zergoun

"Reliability of Slope Displacements based on Newmark Analyses"; W. D. Liam Finn

"Risk-Based Decision Support for Housing Development on Undermined Land"; A. McGoey-Smith, R. Predika, and J. Crooks

"Legal Liability in Geotechnical Engineering"; Craig A. Wallace