The theme of the 20th Symposium was Soft Ground Engineering.  The attendance was about 140 people, with 9 exhibitors and 11 sponsors.  The Symposium program, keynote presentation and submitted papers are below.

20th Vancouver Geotechnical Symposium Program

Keynote Presentation: “The Observational Method: Case History and Models”; Tien Wu

Keynote Presentation: “Peats and Creepy Soils”; Slides, Bibliography, and Commentary; Arvid Landva

“Methodology for the Design of a Staged Construction Program on Soft Clay”; Makram El Sabbagh & Demetrious Koutsoftas

“Helical Piles in Soft Sensitive Soils – A Field Study of Disturbance Effects on Pile Capacity”; Christopher Weech & John Howie

“Highway Embankment Performance on Compressible Clay at Highway 1 / 200th Street, Langley, British Columbia”; Alex Sy & Don Gillespie

“Peat Behaviour – Some Conceptual Mechanisms and Challenges”; Howard Taylor

“Comparison of In-Situ Shear Strength Measurement Techniques of Soft Clays”; Jeff Schaeffers & Ilmar Weemees

“Sunrise City, Vietnam — A Case History of Testing and Analysis”; Bengt Fellenius & Nguyen Minh Hai

“The ‘Broadway’ Project, Kelowna, BC”; Norman Williams