The theme of the 21st Symposium was Foundation and Lifeline Engineering.  The attendance was 145 people, representing 36 companies and universities, with 12 exhibitors, and 11 sponsors.  The Symposium program, keynote presentations and submitted papers are below.

21st Vancouver Geotechnical Society Symposium Program

Keynote Presentation: “Recommended Design Practice for Pile Foundations in Laterally Spreading Ground”; Scott Brandenberg

Keynote Presentation: “Deterioration Processes, Remaining Strength and Repair of Buried Pipes”; Ian Moore

“Modeling The Dynamic Behaviour of a Single Pile in Dry Sand using a New P-Y Material Model”; J.I. Choi, S.J. Brandenberg, and M.M. Kim

 “Lateral Static and Cyclic Behaviour of the Composite Steel-fibre Reinforced Helical Pulldown Micropiles – Innovative Foundation Solutions for Seismic Applications”; M. Meckkey El Sharnouby & M. Hesham El Naggar

 “Design of Piles in Liquefiable and Laterally Spreading Soil Conditions, Low Level Road Project, North Vancouver, B.C.”; H. Kristiansen, A. McIntyre, and K. Skabar

“Full-Scale Experimental Investigations & Numerical Analysis of Different Innovative Instrumented Composite Helical Screw Piles under Axial & Lateral Monotonic & Cyclic Loadings”; Yasser Abdelghany & M. Hesham El Naggar

“Design and Performance of Lightweight Fill Embankment on Sensitive Soils at Willingdon Interchange”; K. Fujita, M. Kokan, and K. Bodnar

“Effectiveness of Geotextiles in Reducing Levels of Soil Restraint for Buried Pipelines Crossing Seismic Faults”; M. Monroy, D. Wikewickreme, D. Honegger

“Diaphragm Walls: A Solution for Deep Excavations in Difficult Soil Conditions with Superficial Water Table”; Paolo Gazzarrini