The theme of the 26th Vancouver Geotechnical Society Symposium is Site Characterization. The Symposium program, keynote presentations, and submitted papers are provided below.

26th Vancouver Geotechnical Society Symposium Program

The Use of Cone Penetration Testing for Integrated Site Characterization; Keynote Presentation by Dr. Jason T. DeJong of University of California, Davis

The Investigation for, and Design of, Working Platforms; Brian Wilson of Keller Foundations Limited

Site Characterization for Cutter Soil Mixing of a Vertical Barrier Wall; Ben Holzman, Keith MacKay, David Siddle, and Roberto Olivera of Golder Associates

Detailed Site Characterizations of Karst Terrain Focusing on Sinkholes and Geohazard Risk - A Case History from the United Arab Emirates; Mike McCormick of Parkland Geo-Environmental Ltd., and Mahmoud Mahmoud of GES Geotech Inc.

Applications of Mixed and Virtual Reality Techniques in Site Characterization; I. Emre Onsel, Omar Chang, Jesse Mysiorek, Davide Donati, and Doug Stead of Simon Fraser University, and Wayne Barnett, and Luca Zorzi of SRK Consulting

Augmented Reality and Applied Earth Science: a New Tool for Site Characterization; Ivy Li, Matt Lato, Gerald Magnusson, Joan Roca, and Elliot Reid of BGC Engineering

Site Investigation Methodology for the Interior Plateau of BC to Characterize Thin Clay Layers within Glacial Deposits; Chris Kowalchuk, Prabeen Joshi, Jason Braund-Read, and Darryl Pongracz of Klohn Crippen Berger

Clinton Creek Site Investigation; Karen Hincks of Wood

The Application of GB-InSAR on Civil Projects in British Columbia; Adam Woods of Kontur Geotechnical Consultants Ltd., Michael T. Hendry, and Renato Macciotta of University of Alberta