The VGS would like to assemble a collection relating to the development of geotechnical practice in British Columbia.  If you have any documents or photos which you would be willing to contribute please contact us.

Vancouver Harbour, B.C. (Canada). - A. D. Swan, 1925

Railway and Vehicular Bridge Across Vancouver Harbour, B.C. (Canada). - A. D. Swan, 1928

First Narrows Water Tunnel: Engineering News Record January 1, 1933 and July 6, 1933, and a paper (author unknown)

The Lions' Gate Bridge - S. M.  Banks, 1942

Granville Bridge Test Hole Logs - City Engineer's Office, City of Vancouver, 1950

Report on Preliminary Investigation of Foundation Conditions of Proposed Port Mann Bridge - R. A. Spence, 1958

Preliminary Geologic Report on Glacial Till and Till-Like Sediments Beneath Piers S4 and S2 of the Port Mann Bridge - W. L. Brown, 1960

Design of the Main Foundations of the Port Mann Bridge - H. Q. Golder and G. C. Willeumeir, 1964

Peat Symposium - Vancouver Soils Group, February 27, 1967

The Function of Shotcrete in Support and Lining of the Vancouver R.R. (Thornton) Tunnel - E. E. Mason, 1968

Earthquake Design in the Fraser Delta - Task Force Report, June 1991 (for comparison the 2007 Report)

Breaking New Ground - Women in Geotechnical Engineering - Anna Lankford Burwash, Geotechnical News, 1997

A Brief History of the VGS - Mustapha Zergoun, 2013