The theme of the 14th Symposium was Lifeline Engineering

14th Vancouver Geotechnical Society Symposium Program

"Lifelines: A Ministry of Transportation and Highway Perspective"; Turgut Ersoy

"Seismic design of New Westminster rapid transit tunnel"; Li Yan & David Siu

"Seismic safety retrofit of Pitt River bridges"; M. Uthayakumar & E. Naesgaard

"Locating the Jamuna river crossing of a 230 kV electrical transmission line in Bangladesh"; Victor A. Sowa

"Seismic evaluation and retrofit of a major electrical transmission crossing at Annacis Island"; Blain Good, Tonia Jurbin, and Peter Gaffran

"Ground improvement for seismic upgrading of lifeline facilities"; Kevin Nelson, Dharma Wijewickreme, and Upul Atukorala

"The effect of drainage condition on liquefaction response of slopes and the inference for lifelines"; Ehsanollah Atigh & Peter M. Byrne

"Use of geotechnical information for pipeline systems analysis"; Donald Ballantyne

"Geotechnical design and construction of aspects of the City of Vancouver Dedicated Fire Protection System"; L. Bie, U. Atukorala, M. Yogendrakumar, and T. Fitzell

"Seismic lifeline study of Greater Vancouver Water District system and assessment of Second Narrows watermain crossings"; Dan Zavoral & Frank Huber

"Seismic upgrading of the BC Gas Fraser Gate station"; Allen Mitchell, Dharma Wijewickreme, and Trevor Fitzell

"Response of underground cable duct systems to travelling seismic waves"; W. B. Gohl, T. Kojima, W. S. Dunbar, and M. K. Lee

"Earthquakes and Vancouver tunnels"; Duncan C. Wyllie & Stephen V. L. Barrett

"Geotechnical considerations in trench design for lifelines"; Brian E. Hall & Michael M. Eivemark