The theme of the 23rd Symposium was Soil Structure Interaction.  The attendance was 151 people, representing 35 companies and universities, with 16 exhibitors, and 9 sponsors.  The Symposium program, keynote presentations and submitted papers are below.

23rd Vancouver Geotechnical Society Symposium Program

“Large-Scale Physical and Computational Simulation of Soil-Structure Systems”; Keynote Presentation by Ahmed Elgamal, Professor, University of California, San Diego

“Interaction between Soft Sensitive Clay and Steel Pipe Piles under Earthquake Loads for a Multi-story Building”; Mustapha Zergoun, Thurber Engineering Ltd. and James Munro,

“Seismic Soil-Structure Interaction Analyses for an Elevated Guideway Structure of Evergreen Line”; Ali Azizian, Brian Hall, and Lalinda Weerasekara, Tetra Tech EBA; Ernie Naesgaard & Ali Amini, Naesgaard-Amini Geotechnical Ltd.; Saqib Khan, Buho Joo, and Monty Knaus, MMM Group Ltd.; Meiric Preece, SNC Lavalin Inc.

“Interpretation of Static Pile Loading Test Results and Application for Design of Pile Groups”; David J. Tara and Steven N. Coulter, Thurber Engineering Ltd.

“Numerical Modeling of the 3D Behaviour and 2D Equivalence of Deep Soil Mixing During Lateral Loading”; Jeffrey Barrett, Stantec; Rodney McAffee, C-CORE

“Challenges and recent progress in the analysis, design and modelling of geosynthetic reinforced soil walls”; Keynote Presentation by Professor Richard J. Bathurst, GeoEngineering Centre at Queen’s-RMC, Kingston

“Development of Lateral Earth Pressures on a Rigid Wall due to Seismic Loading”; Gordon Fung, Ender Parra and John Sully, MEG Consulting Ltd.; James Scott & Jamie McIntyre, Hatch Mott MacDonald

“New Approach to Assess Soil-Geosynthetic Interaction in Reinforced Slopes and Walls”; Lalinda Weerasekara & Brian Hall, Tetra Tech EBA; Dharma Wijewickreme, UBC

“Undrained Shear Strengths derived from Pile Load Tests for use in Designing Helical Screw Piles and Stelcor Piles in Sensitive Clay Soils”; Mahmoud Mahmoud, Sadaf Sanii and Zolfaghar Kheyruri, GES Geotech Inc.; Simon Whippy, Terracana Foundation Solutions

Panel Discussion
Moderated by Mahdi Taiebat, Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia
Featuring panelists Ahmed Elgamal, Richard Bathurst and M. (Uthaya) Uthayakumar (Tetra Tech EBA)