The theme of the 15th Symposium was Land Reclamation Geotechnique.

15th Vancouver Geotechnical Symposium Program

"Land redevelopment: Beneficial use and aftercare"; Robert B. Wallace

"Reclamation of a contaminated utility corridor, Surrey, BC"; M. Janes, J. Clarke, J. Driedger, D. Newton, and R. Warren

"Emergency geotechnical instrumentation for a burning landfill to monitor the impacts of fire-fighting and post-fire reclamation"; S. Vazinkhoo, R. Kostaschuck, T. Sperling, and R. Wolsey

"Interpretation of in situ test results in cohesionless fills before and after ground improvement"; J. A. Howie, A. A. Asalemi, T. Shozen, Y. P. Vaid

"A.R. MacNeill School - site development and foundation design"; Ernest Naesgaard & Gunter Yip

"Road deactivation for hillslope restoration: lessons learned on the Escalante Watershed restoration Project"; M. Wise, M. Leslie, G. Horel, D. Colins, and W. Warttig

"Design and construction of mine waste rock pile rehabilitation works at Cirque Mine, Mackenzie, British Columbia"; Garry Davies, Andy Haynes, and Alistair Lowry

"Geotechnical Studies for Reclamation of the Nickel Plate Mine Tailings Facility"; Graham R. Greenway, Sonia M. Sahota, and Bruce S. Brown

"Characterisation of the Reclaimed Soils in the Foreshore Area of Manila Bay, Philippines"; Tony Dell, John McClung, and Emillio Morales

"Design and construction of an export harbour in Persian Gulf"; Karim Karimzadegan & Houshan Raissi

"Ground improvement for Cruise Ship Terminal Expansion Project at Canada Place, Vancouver BC"; Dave Smith